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Float therapy



A space for the spirit to return to its natural habitat. Thats what it feels like – weightlessness, no body, no weight of the world – superb!  

A special experience



Second float – my God this place is amazing. Compared to my first float – which was a float tank – a bit like a coffin. Loved the experience, cleared my mind and my body felt good. Congrats to Saltuary – love the little touches, tea, fruit, etc. They certainly provide a special experience.

International massage



I used to be a beauty journalist in London so I’ve had a gazillion massages. This would be one of the best ever + anywhere!  Informative and powerful + lord, he knows what he’s talking about! Fabulous – thank you..  




It has been hard to disconnect from my everyday distractions that cause me anxiety, however I was surprised that in the float I could switch off. I felt aware of myself and in a calm state. Very happy




Im 36 weeks pregnant and have just completed my 3rd float session. I would recommend this treatment to all pregnant women. I find its a great way to bond with baby & reflect on my pregnancy and visualise the wonderful times ahead. The room is wonderfully zen like and staff are very friendly.  

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